Alt-right Breitbart calls for Kellogg boycott after ad pull

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On Thursday, the alt-right website Breitbart asked its readers to boycott Kellogg for pulling its ads from the site.

The call for a boycott came after Kellogg announced that it didn’t want its ads to appear on the controversial site, saying that the site was not “aligned with our values as a company.”

For its part, Breitbart called the decision “un-American,” coming up with the hashtag #dumpKellogg and running a story about the “breakfast brand blacklist.”

While some have questioned the public nature of the marketing decision for the cereal giant, others have been supportive, such as Harry Kargman, chief exec of mobile ad platform Kargo, who noted, “Brands should stand up and demand that their media investments are spent in places that reflect their values.”

“If Kellogg’s believes that Breitbart does not reflect its values, it should pull its media,” he said. “If Breitbart wants to call a boycott on Kellogg’s, even better. Kellogg’s should embrace its position and take a stand. We are in a polarizing time with the last election and in the immortal words of Hamilton, ‘If you stand for nothing Burr, what do you fall for?’”

In the past two days, Kellogg stock has fallen 3.6 percent.