Sherri Shepherd’s ex-husband wants more child support

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Lamar Sally has filed a petition asking for more child support from Sherri Shepherd.

Sally currently receives $4,100 a month for care for Lamar Jr., who was born via a donor egg and surrogate. Sally claims that Shepherd’s income has surged to nearly three times what it was when the original deal was made. What’s more, he claims Lamar Jr. suffers from a medical condition that Sally needs help paying for.

Additionally, Sally is seeking $75,000 to cover the legal cost of their divorce in 2014.

— Sherri Shepherd loses surrogacy appeal, forced to pay child support —

Shepherd has denied any ties to the toddler and broke things off when the surrogate was pregnant with the child.

Sally has since joined the Single Dads of LA support group.

“I found that’s a common story, where the mothers abandon the kids,” he said. “I waited 40 years until I found someone. I wanted to do it right. [Sherri] put me through pure hell. I didn’t want to be a single father. I didn’t want my son to not know his mother’s touch.”