Neffe reacts to Iyanla calling her ‘guttersnipe’, life after show

Keyshia Cole's older sister sounds off after the airing of her explosive sit don with Iyanla Vanzant.

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Recently, Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh appeared on a two-part special of Iyanla: Fix My Life along with her husband, Shelby “Soullow” Lowery.

During the episode, the couple’s issues came to life, including alcohol, health problems and financial issues. But during the taping itself, emotions ran high, and even Iyanla was having none of it, calling Neffe a “nasty, vile guttersnipe.”

After the episode, Neffe spoke out, not only about the accusations made during the episode but where she was going to go from there.

Specifically, Keyshia Cole’s older sister addressed being called a “guttersnipe” by saying, “I’mma receive it how I receive it and I receive it in this nature, in order for one to identify with that you had to have been that yourself.”

As for some of the other accusations that were thrown around, Neffe says that they just aren’t relevant. For example, she used to get mad at and yell at her husband, but she doesn’t anymore, a claim that she says contradicts Lowery’s claims of abuse.

“I did cuss and fuss and fight and argue and all of the above but that was nine years before we even got married so what we going through currently ain’t got nothing to do with what happened nine years ago,” she said.

And as for whether she’ll be coming back to reality TV: “I do want to go back down that street but when I do, I’ma stand alone with just me and my children. I paid my dues and I deserve that.”