50 Cent breaks down why success can be dangerous

Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson has achieved just about all there is in his industry and beyond...

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson has achieved just about all there is in his industry and beyond.

But the rap star and executive producer of the hit-show POWER says commercial success isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

“Success will do things to you that your worst enemy wouldn’t do to you,” Jackson told theGrio in an interview. “Because it develops entitlement in people.  It shifts things around in different ways.  There’s no way to really prepare for it.”

Jackson, who also stars in POWER as recurring character “Kanan,” has watched the show spike to an average of 8 million viewers at the end of Season 3, making it the most-watched ever for a Starz original series.

Jackson says he knew the show would be a success even when some critics didn’t see the vision.

“That’s why when things happen, it’s better they happen in God’s time than yours,” Jackson said. “You think you’re ready for it but you’re not necessarily ready. A lot of television shows are made and they don’t turn out exactly what they planned for them to be. And this one is what I envisioned it.  I’m not going to put my energy into something I don’t think is going to win.”

Season 4 of POWER debuts June 25th.

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