On Sunday, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes cleared up the misconception that her husband had a stroke while filming for the show.

“We’ve gotten tons of text messages, calls and emails from concern family & friends because these lying a** people don’t take family in consideration when they print bulls–t,” Leakes wrote on Instagram, adding, “NO Gregg has NEVER suffered a stroke before! YES Gregg did get sick during filming. He drove his self to the ER. I wasn’t even with him.”

“Let’s just keep Gregg’s health and mine too in prayer hunni,” she continued. “Lawd knows we need it. P.S. you can’t even get sick these days and go to the ER without folks saying [you’re] dead.”

In fact, the two of them seemed to be in good spirits and health this weekend, when they both attended a birthday party.