Ashanti gets into heated exchange with Joe Budden over ‘stripper’ jabs

The Grammy-winning singer schools rapper like the badass feminist she is

The Grammy-winning singer schools rapper like the badass feminist she is

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

During an interview on the “Everyday Struggle” show, Ashanti schooled Joe Budden when he suggested that her clothing choices is the reason why she was recently treated like a stripper on stage.

The Grammy-awarded singer was promoting her new single, “Say Less,” when Budden took a jab at her, suggesting that a recent incident in which a fan threw money at her on-stage was because of her outfit.

“Hold it,” she said. “I had on a body suit, with boots, which 90 percent of my peers wear, which we perform in. We’re there to do a show, so that’s what you wear.”

–Ashanti to fans at concert: ‘I’m not a stripper’–

She then asserted that strippers wore much less and were all but “naked,” insisting, “I’ve never seen a stripper in a body suit.”

When Budden tried to say that she hadn’t “been to a strip club lately,” she insisted that she was at Ace of Diamonds just last month. Budden tried to cover by insisting that “AOD is not New York,” but Ashanti wasn’t having it.

“Is New York the only place that has strip clubs?” she asked incredulously.

She went on to compare the idea that someone would think she was a doctor if she wore a stethoscope to the idea that people would treat her like a stripper because of her outfit.

“Do I want money thrown on me because I’m in a body suit? No.”

[#apercu? ] . Joe Budden et Ashanti qui reviennent sur le concert d’Ashanti ou un fan lui jettait des dollars comme ci c’était une stripper ? . Et visiblement la discussion est houleuse les 2 ne sont pas d’accord. .. pour ashanti son concert n’était une lap dance 《90% de mes concerts son des show je n’étais pas nue avec mes seins dehors comme la plupart des stripper 》tandis que pour Joe Budden selon lui sa prestation qui était à base de lap dance rappelais celle d’une stripper . Sa vision est clair 《 il faut pas s’étonner qu’on te traite comme une P**** si tu dance comme P***** 》 . vous en pensez quoi ??? ??? . #quescequisepassechezlesafros #ashanti #joebudden #imnotafuckinstripper #onlyyou #trone #clique #konbini #rapactufr #rnb #jarule #rickross #migos #cardib #92i #shayizi

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