Erica Garner left with major brain damage following heart attack

Garner's cardiac arrest was triggered by an asthma attack.

Erica Garner has reportedly been left with major brain damage after she suffered a heart attack shortly before Christmas.

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Erica Garner suffered a heart attack shortly before Christmas, which led to her being in a coma.

The 27-year-old daughter of Eric Garner, the Black man who was killed after being placed in a chokehold by a NYPD officer in 2014, is currently being held in the intensive care unit at Brooklyn hospital.

The most recent update on Erica’s condition was posted Wednesday evening, with a family member provided an update on her condition on her official Twitter account.

The account has not confirmed she has been declared brain dead.

Shocking heart attack

Garner’s cardiac arrest was triggered by an asthma attack.

The young activist suffered from her first heart attack not long after she gave birth to her son back in August. Doctors said the pregnancy had put a strain on her heart, which was later found to be enlarged.

Al Sharpton speaks on condition

During a charity event at the National Action Network headquarters in Harlem, Rev. Al Sharpton asked the public to keep Erica Garner in their prayers.

“I want everyone to pray for Erica Snipes Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner, who had a heart attack,” said Sharpton, a friend and advisor to the Garner family.

“I’ve just left the hospital and prayed with her, and I ask for all your prayers for Erica.”

Others offered their condolences as well, including Bernie Sanders, for whom Erica had campaigned during the 2016 election.

“My thoughts are with Erica Garner, her family and friends in hoping that she has a full recovery and rejoins the struggle for justice as soon as possible. I have had the privilege of joining with her at a number of events and was deeply impressed with her courage and insights,” Sanders wrote online.

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