Trump is holding America hostage over border wall like a homegrown terrorist

If Donald Trump can’t get what he wants, he’ll shut down the government.

If Donald Trump can’t get what he wants, he’ll shut down the government.

Donald Trump
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Trump is doing it again.

For a second time in his administration, the occupant of the White House has threatened to shut down the government unless Congress gives the money to build his wall on the Mexico border (the one Mexico is supposed to pay for, that is).

Trump is holding America hostage and will shut down the whole damn thing if he doesn’t get his way, because after all, it isn’t as if it’s his money on the line.

Plus, he wants to keep his base of Fox News, Breitbart, InfoWars and Stormfront fans happy.

“I’d love to see a shut down if we can’t get this stuff taken care of,” Trump said during a meeting on MS-13 gang violence.

“If we have to shut it down because the Democrats don’t want safety, let’s shut it down,” he added, speaking words that are likely a first for a sitting president, especially a president whose party controls the whole government.

Nevertheless, Trump and the Republicans hate government and don’t want it to work as it should to serve the people, which makes a shutdown made to order for the GOP.

–Donald Trump accuses Democrats of being ‘treasonous’ for their SOTU reactions–

Last month’s government shutdown

During the last shutdown, when Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell promised Democrats a deal on DACA recipients, the Dreamers—undocumented immigrants who came to America at a young age—Trump accused the Dems of playing “shutdown politics” and being “far more concerned with illegal immigrants than they are with our great Military or Safety at our dangerous Southern Border.”

It was around that time that Trump claimed he would sign a bipartisan deal on DACA, anything they placed on his desk. Granted, he created the problem when he ended the Obama-era program allowing the immigrants stay in the country.

Then the president’s white supremacist fellow travelers in the West Wing reminded him why America’s angry white lynch mob voted for him, and why Putin put him in office in the first place. Those advisors include Stephen Miller, the great-grandson of a Jewish refugee who hates immigrants and oddly looks and sounds a lot like Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Then there’s White House chief of staff John Kelly, who called a Black Congresswoman Frederica Wilson an “empty barrel” and said some immigrants were “too afraid” or “too lazy to get off their asses” and sign up for DACA. “The Irish are not noted for their fondness for the coloreds,” said Major Forbes in the film “Glory,” apparently having Kelly in mind.

Trump’s white nationalist administration

Trump has rejected a new bipartisan immigration plan from Sen. John McCain, and when it comes to immigration, Democrats should expect no compromise with this White House on immigration.

The Trump administration is a coldblooded home for white nationalists. Trump is deporting longtime U.S. residents and tearing families apart, like the Detroit father who has lived in the U.S. for 30 years, the chemistry professor and father of three, and the veteran who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

And ICE agents are targeting kids and they can hardly contain their joy. They plan to deport 300,000 people from Haiti and Central America. Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly protégé Kirstjen Nielsen wants to lock up the mayors of sanctuary cities.

Now, Trump is reverting to the strategy of demonizing Latino immigrants as rapists and murderers. He went there in his State of the Union address when he focused on the MS-13 gang, whose threat he exaggerates, and which was founded in Los Angeles and was a creation of U.S. policy in any case.

Trump is a petulant orange child. And there are certain things he wants. One is the North Korean-style military parade, and the other is the wall. If he can’t get what he wants, he’ll shut down the government. Trump is holding America hostage, and one should never negotiate with terrorist hostage takers.

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