True Story: Stacey Dash is contemplating running for Congress

(Getty Images)

When it comes to politics and dealing with the black community, very few people are as clueless and divisive as Stacey Dash.

To further prove that point, Friday, the former actress-turned-disgraced-Fox News correspondent took to her Twitter account to ask her supporters how they would feel if she used her extensive background in trolling the media to run for office.

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“A number of people online and off have suggested I run for political office,” she shared. “I wanted to see what my online community thinks of this idea as I mull the possibilities. Thoughts?”

Normally, this would sound like a ridiculous inquiry, but given who the current president is, she may – unfortunately – be on to something.

“You are intelligent and articulate. You are brave. GO FOR IT, GIRL!” tweeted a fan who goes by the handle @PaintingPastor.

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“Please run for office!” begged @CharityLove08. “I am a conservative I am female I am Latina & I am a mother but most importantly I am a proud American. We need more representation in this country. Please take on that role for us. Show the world its possible to be a Woman of color with morals & modesty”

Whether we like Stacey’s politics and tomfoolery or not – it’s clear there’s definitely an audience for it.

What a time to be alive, eh?

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