Roy Wood Jr. to release another show with Comedy Central

Roy Wood Jr on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. (Comedy Central)

Roy Wood Jr. has another comedy in the works that’s sure to keep you laughing. Re-Established, is a new half-hour comedy, starring Wood, (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah). The show will be executive produced by Noah and Aaron McGruder (Boondocks, Black Jesus).

According to, the comedy will focus on Wood, a parole officer who calls himself looking for his parolees by letting them get away with some things here and there. But sometimes a little too much because his partner, family and friends don’t appreciate the ensuing shenanigans.

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Wood is well-known as a regular correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and already hosts one show on Comedy Central, This is Not Happening, a series that features comedians telling real-life stories about themselves.

The NY Daily News interviewed Roy Wood Jr about the show:

“These are people you already love telling you things about themselves you would never have found out otherwise … established comedians and performers telling you things they probably wouldn’t even tell their closest friends,” he says. “Howie [Mandel] talks about the time he fell off the side of the freeway and was covered in germs. Half of the stories … are a little to vulgar for daytime or late-night talk shows. Jimmy Fallon would not let you sit on the [‘Tonight Show’] couch and talk about the time you did cocaine by accident.”

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“The first story I’m telling is the night I met [2 Live Crew member] Luther Campbell at a strip party at some guy’s house,” he says. “I was still in college [at Florida A&M] and somehow I ended up at a strip party at 20 years old with a room full of grown men. The man-to-stripper ratio was off; I was waiting in line to get a lap dance, the same way you wait in line to get a hot dog.

“I thought that was the protocol when I went to a strip club for the first time.”

McGruder, who will be the showrunner for the Roy Wood Jr series if the show gets picked up, continues to bring us great projects like Black America, with Amazon Studios, and Hooligan Squad, with Adult Swim.