Somehow, I’m both simultaneously excited about and tired of all things Black Panther. Some of y’all are out here acting like Ryan Coogler netted us all reparations with the making of one film, and you’re all experts on a fake African country when you probably couldn’t name three actual ones.

But because I, too am conditioned by my conditioning, I just copped a ticket for a late-Thursday-evening show, fully aware that a) I already have plans to see it in IMAX Saturday morning, followed by brunch with my crew, which has to be Jack and Jill-level peak bougie Black shit; and b) I have to be up and participating in society early Friday morning.

I have no doubt Black Panther will be a good movie based on its reviews (God help the literal three people who dragged the Rotten Tomatoes score under a perfect 100). At this point, though, I care more about the spectacle of the film than I do about the film itself. We’re planning to bring an historic level of overkill that will make visiting certain theaters suddenly popcorn-worthy, even if you’re actually there to see Fifty Shades Freed.

We all know that you, your mama, and your cousin are going to see it this weekend. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before going in:

1See it at Both Black and White Theaters

Diverse Movie Audience
Audience Watching 3-D Movie Photo: Fotolia

If you love the first viewing of Black Panther, I definitely recommend seeing it more than once in theaters—the more coin the movie turns at the box office, the more likely you are to see additional major films for us, by us in the future.

But if you have the option—and you do if you live anywhere near a Black enclave—you should make a point to see it at least once with us and once with them. That way, you’ll be able to totally absorb the essence of what it means to watch us comport ourselves with Vantablack-level negritude. I keep imagining that the screenings at our theaters will resemble the opening scene of Scream 2.

And, when you get to the white theater, you’ll actually, y’know, be able to quietly watch the film.