Omarosa on campaigning for Hillary Clinton before Donald Trump

(Photo: CBS – Big Brother)

Omarosa Manigault is back on Celebrity Big Brother, and this time, she’s dishing about the time she spent working for Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

Although Omarosa is best-known for having stumped for Trump, she admitted to fellow houseguest Ross Mathews that she felt that Clinton would have been an “exceptional” president.

That’s why she claims she decided to work for the “Ready for Hillary” organization before it was the “Hillary for America” campaign. But she said that the organization was a “scam” and blasted the way it had been handled.

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When the organization transitioned to the campaign, Omarosa said that they “completely discarded all of the people who had done work.”

“I could go down the list of people who were abused and misused by that organization and decided to go a different direction as a result of it,” she said, according to Deadline.

Because of that experience, Omarosa said, when Donald Trump came calling, it felt like a much better opportunity.

Omarosa’s White House woes

For a short time, Omarosa did leverage her position with the Trump campaign into a opportunity to work in the White House— but that didn’t last long.

According to American Urban Radio Network’s White House Correspondent, April Ryan, Omarosa’s exit from the White House was the stuff of reality television, she had to be escorted from the White House by security after pitching a fit over being fired.

Ryan said that Chief of Staff John Kelly was “tired of all the drama” the former reality star brought to the West Wing and he was the one to push for her exit.

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However, Omarosa wasn’t pleased with the idea of being pushed out of the White House and wanted to know if her fellow reality star President Donald Trump had approved her ouster. When Kelly said that he had, she reportedly still demanded to talk to Trump.

And that’s when things went sideways.

Omarosa Manigault reportedly tried to go to the private residence to see President Trump, according to Ryan, and when security stopped her. Kelly had her escorted from the White House by security.

“It was very ugly,” Ryan said of Omarosa’s ripped-from-reality-tv exit.

Since her high-profile departure Omarosa Manigault’s been making the rounds talking about all the stories she could tell about the White House and even floating the possibility of a $10 million book deal.

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But as for her White House experience working for Trump, Omarosa played it coy, saying, “I’m looking forward to telling about my life when I decide to do it.”

‘It’s not my circus’

While Omarosa has been off the popular reality show reportedly due to an asthma attack, this isn’t the first time that she’s made headlines for her Big Brother revelations.

Earlier this month, things took an interesting turn when Omarosa described the happenings in the Trump White House as a “circus,” suggesting that we should all be worried about the country.

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“It’s not my circus, it’s not my monkeys,” Manigault told Mathews. “I like to say it’s not my problem but I can’t say that because it’s bad.”

That prompted Mathews to ask the Apprentice veteran if the country should be worried, to which Manigault nodded her head to signify ‘yes.’

“It’s not going to be OK. It’s not,” she added.