Ta-Nehisi Coates is going to write a Captain America comic series

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Ta-Nehisi Coates is no stranger to the world of comics.

His massively successful Black Panther comic series turned into a franchise, complete with spinoffs. That series was also a main source of inspiration for the record-shattering Black Panther movie, which came out earlier this month and has been absolutely dominating the box office.

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But now, Coates is preparing to take on one of the most iconic Marvel characters ever: Captain America himself.

Coates announced the new comic, which will launch in July, in an essay for The Atlantic entitled, “Why I’m Writing Captain America.”

“Captain America, the embodiment of a kind of Lincolnesque optimism, poses a direct question for me: Why would anyone believe in The Dream? What is exciting here is not some didactic act of putting my words in Captain America’s head, but attempting to put Captain America’s words in my head. What is exciting is the possibility of exploration, of avoiding the repetition of a voice I’ve tired of,” Coates wrote in the essay.

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Coates also praised the creators that he will be working with on the Captain America project. Leinil Yu will illustrate the series, while Alex Ross will do the covers.

“Both Leinil and Alex are legends. Even if you don’t consider yourself a comics-head, you should check out their work to see what the best of the form has to offer,” Coates wrote.

Comic fans rejoice

Fans of the Captain America comics know that this move by Marvel is a much-needed breath of fresh air after the much-derided “Secret Empire” storyline by Nick Spencer that had Captain America working as an agent of Hydra.

This storyline was highly criticized, considering the fact that Hydra is an obvious stand-in for Nazis in the comics.

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Considering Coates’ massive success with Black Panther, we have full faith that his run on Captain America will be far and away amazing enough to wash that taste out of comic fans’ mouths.

We can’t wait to see what Coates does with this iconic Marvel character.