Tessa Thompson and Whoopi Goldberg shine in new comedy, ‘Furlough’

Get ready for the hijinks and hilarity that ensues during a 36 hour trip.

Tessa Thompson and Whoopi Goldberg are teaming up to play mother and daughter in the new indie comedy, Furlough.

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Actresses Tessa Thompson and Whoopi Goldberg are in the new indie film, Furlough

Tessa Thompson and Whoopi Goldberg are teaming up to play mother and daughter in the new indie comedy, Furlough.

The movie stars Thompson who works as a prison guard and cares for her aging mother, Goldberg, in her free time. Thompson’s character’s personal life and her work life collide when she is asked to help a prisoner, played by Melissa Leo, take an emergency furlough to escort the prisoner on a death bed visit to see her own dying mother. The film, distributed by IFC Films, also stars Anna Paquin, Edgar Ramirez and La La Anthony.

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As you can imagine, things don’t quite go to plan and the hijinks and hilarity ensues through out the 36 hour trip.

Tessa Thompson continues to slay

Thompson has been having a great year thus far.

She’s seen a lot of success for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok as the warrior Valkyrie and considering how important the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in Hollywood as of late, Valkyrie is the kind of role that can have Thompson in other franchises with perhaps one built upon that character alone in the future.


Thompson has been more than active in movements like #TimesUp. She is actually one of the actresses who starting the initiative, which allows women without financial backing to have the courage and financial support to speak out about their powerful harassers and abusers without fear or repercussion.

The initiative has since caught fire, garnering support from celebrities across the board in the light of the growing #MeToo cultural moment that has changed the conversation about sexual harassment and sexual assault.

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This puts Thompson in the (super) hero category, both on and off the screen.

Take a look at the trailer for Furlough, which hits theaters and video on-demand on March 16.