Snoop Dogg speaks on ‘Bible of Love’ and prepares for backlash: ‘My spirit is in the right place’

The rapper just dropped a 32-track Gospel album.

Snoop Dogg discusses his motivation for his first Gospel album, 'Bible of Love' and why the church should welcome him with open arms.

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Snoop Dogg just crossed over.

The iconic rapper known for hits like “Gin and Juice” has dropped Bible of Love,  a 32-track Gospel album that’s quite a departure from his usual offerings.

While some may be puzzled by the sudden shift, Snoop insists it has been a long time coming. His mother is an evangelist and his late grandmother was the driving force behind the project.

“After my mama heard the record she turned around and looked at me and said, ‘I’m not impressed. God told me you were going to do this a long time ago. You have been doing your thing and now you’re doing His thing,’” he told TheGrio in an exclusive roundtable interview.

According to Snoop, fans shouldn’t be surprised that he’s showing off his spiritual side considering the community work he has done for years.

Snoop’s Softer Side

“If you put my life on a record, it would be more on the Gospel side as far as the work that I have done and my life. My life is based on going back and being positive and finding ways to better myself, become a better man and be a better father. It’s a journey I’m taking people on and I’m enabling people to find themselves because I’m an inspiration. I have to continue to keep giving and put things out there to make you think and make you look at yourself,” he said.

“I have problems and issues. I’m human just like everybody else. Snoop Dogg is like a superhero to everybody. He’s always happy and always funny but I do sometimes get bad news onstage and I gotta get up and perform. I shed a tear, I get emotional. I like to cry and tap into that side. I explain that to kids on my football team because they try to be so tough and don’t understand that a real man has to cry. You’re tough when you do cry and get that stuff out and become a better person.”

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Big-Name Features

The album features some of Gospel and R&B’s biggest names, including Patti LaBelle, Kim Burrell, Faith Evans, Tye Tribbett, and Charlie Wilson.

“There are a lot of artists on this record that have been blackballed and bashed just like me,” he continued. “This is the greatest project we could do because it’s a bunch of lost souls trying to find our way back home. The church is supposed to be the most welcoming place in the world so I’m anxious to see just how welcoming they are gonna be.”

Jesus Was in the Streets Too

Even though the project has been endorsed by some of the greats, Snoop is ready for whatever backlash comes his way.

“I really didn’t care about the criticism because I’m doing this for spiritual reasons. This is not a money-making project, it’s a spirit-making project so my spirit is in the right place,” he said.

“For those who have something to say, their spirit ain’t right. If it was right, the first thing you’re going to do is welcome someone like me who has been where I have been and done what I have done.You’re gonna say, ‘maybe he can reach people we can’t reach. Maybe he’s doing what God’s work is really supposed to be doing.’ The Bible says Jesus was in the streets mixing it up with the real. Everyone sitting in church like they’re perfect, knock it off.”