SZA shares her mom’s stellar advice for dealing with stress

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about SZA the past few months, it’s how supportive her family is, especially her parents.

Last month, a video of her father tearing up while listening to her music went viral. Now, the ‘Broken Clocks’ singer’s mother is the one trending on Twitter.

Life coaching

Tuesday, SZA shared a text message her mom sent her giving some solid advice on what to do when life gets overwhelming.

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“Remember, you can even eat an elephant one bit at a time,” mom writes. “To help change feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, jot down all the stuff that’s making you crazy, then write beside it what must be done NOW, what can be done LATER, and what would be nice to do if you could but is OPTIONAL.”

“Focus only on the NOW. Don’t worry about the other stuff right now,” the message continues.

“Next you prioritise the remaining shorter list for you to do yourself. You’ve now made more space in your life for the things you love and want to do.”

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We can only guess what prompted the virtual pep talk, although theR&B breakout star has admitted in a recent interview, with GQ,  that she was “mad as hell” that her five Grammy nominations didn’t result in a single win.

“You feel like you’re really falling short and you f***ing failed [your fans],” she recalled. “We reached a billion streams on Spotify. The United States f**ks with my songs. We’re changing little girls’ lives across the world, and we didn’t even know what we were doing when we started.”

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“This is something much bigger than me and a f***ing trophy. I’m appreciative of the opportunity. But sh** happens,” she conceded.

“Afterward I felt really free and light. It was super weird. I felt like I had all this weight off my shoulders. For certain things, maybe it’s worth really giving a f***, but I still think it’s always worth giving a f***. It’s just learning how to process the lesson, the opportunity, the gift of the moment, rather than just letting your ego dictate what it all means. That was hard, but it was a really beautiful lesson. I’m super grateful.”