Black Lives Matter lawyer David Thompson curses out NYPD in court filing

Find out how he let his feelings be known.

Black Lives Matter lawyer David Thompson mistakenly labeled a file he submitted with legal papers.

Black Lives Matter
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Black Lives Matter lawyer David Thompson mistakenly labeled a file he submitted with legal papers.

Thompson, the attorney for BLM protester James Logue, reportedly used an expletive in the file name for legal papers he submitted ahead of arguments in Manhattan Supreme Court scheduled for next week for a contentious case over NYPD surveillance of Black Lives Matter protesters, according to the New York Daily News.

The all-capped, potty mouth title, “EAT ME C—-SUCKRE” appeared when the document was opened on the court’s public e-filing system.

“Oh sh–! That’s what happens when I get really mad late at night. Nothing I can do about it now,” Thompson told the Daily News.

Well, tell us how you really feel.

“I had no idea you could see (that) — next time I’ll write ‘gosh darn it all to heck,'” said  Thompson.

Thompson’s frustrations

In February 2017, a New York judge ordered the release of the documents after Logue successfully sued the NYPD under a Freedom of Information Law, arguing that the police may have inappropriately interfered with the right to protest peacefully.

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Logue reportedly decided to file the request after suspecting that police were “compiling dossiers” on individuals at the peaceful protest, Thompson told the press.

Thompson has been outspoken about his frustration with the NYPD’s refusal to turn over records on the surveillance of protesters in 2014 and 2015, going so far as to call the department “a professional lying organization.”

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In contempt 

Justice Manuel Mendez held the NYPD in contempt in November 2017 for ignoring his orders to turn over certain records of cops’ monitoring of “die-ins” at Grand Central in the wake of the killing of Eric Garner. Despite the ruling, the NYPD is still dodging disclosure, Thompson wrote in his fiery new filing.

The department’s tactics were “symptomatic in microcosm of an NYPD that is diseased and hollow, but which unaccountably manages to project a shiny image of professionalism and competence to the world,” he wrote. 

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The NYPD had shown contempt for the state legislature, Mendez, and the people it serves, Thompson wrote, calling the department a “sociopathic agency.”

Thompson said his beef was with the NYPD — not with his adversary in the Law Department litigating the case on the city’s behalf.

“A lot of my legal writing comes from a place of frustration,” he added.