EXCLUSIVE: Romeo Miller on why child stars like Bow Wow tend to crack under pressure

The host of MTV’s Ex On The Beach has some words of wisdom for his rap royalty brother.

The former child star reveals his secret for staying sane in the spotlight.

Romeo Miller has been making big moves in the entertainment history since he was a kid and he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

TheGrio sat down with the host of MTV’s Ex On The Beach to get his take on the issues that often plague child stars when they grow up in the spotlight and offered words of wisdom for Bow Wow (a fellow, well-loved child star), who has experienced some challenges as of late and expressed his frustrations on social media.

Miller explained that he can relate to the idea of stars who feel the pressure when their bright light dims as they age.

“It’s crazy because I started off in music and I had so much success. When I put out my first song, it was the biggest song in the world and then I started accomplishing everything in music,” he explains. “What people don’t realize is, imagine if you could accomplish all of your dreams at the age of 13, 14, 15, 16, then it’s like, what’s left? That’s why so many child stars go crazy. They accomplish these dreams when they’re young, so what do you do after that?”

According to Miller, finding success at a young age is as much of a gift as it is a curse.

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“For example, take Justin Bieber. he had so much success before the age of 21…His low is still way higher than other people’s highs and that’s the mentality you have to have in this business, especially if you’re doing it young,” he says. “You have to know even if you reach this crazy prime, just because you go down a little it doesn’t mean you’re not amazing at what you do. It doesn’t mean you cant put food on the table for your family. Child celebrities have that curse.”

A cry for help

Bow Wow is the latest celebrity to vent his many frustrations with life and his changing public persona. He has even hinted that he’s suicidal in social media posts. Miller can understand the notion of feeling like there’s nothing left to look forward to if you have been on top for so long.

“If you don’t know failure then what happens if you’re not winning all the time? A lot of adult actors like Will Smith, Denzel, or The Rock, when you get that success at an older age, you’re more appreciative and more grateful,” he says.

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“Its’ very simple but it’s not. You have to be in it to know it. You think it’s easy. You think being the coolest kid at the age of 14 is easy but it’s really not. It’s like a trend.”

When asked about the troubles Bow Wow is facing at the moment, Miller reveals his secret to staying sane.

“My key to that is very simple. It’s God. That’s my anchor. You have to have an anchor because if its money, success, or fame, that comes and goes. You gotta have faith and it hast be bigger than you.”

Check out Romeo Miller as he hosts Ex On The Beach on Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.