Master P's estranged wife sues their son Romeo Miller

Master P’s wife, Sonya Miller, believes that her estranged husband is using their son to hide his assets so that she cannot get her fair share from the divorce proceedings.

Sonya gave examples, saying that she had created the record label No Limit Records with Master P in the 90s but that a new label, No Limit Forever, was created in 2010 to hide the label’s success. No Limit Forever named their son, Romeo, as the founder and owner, which means Sonya cannot have any share in it.

Additionally, Sonya cited the family’s reality series “Master P’s Family Empire,” saying that the first season made $750,000 but that the money was shielded by having Romeo on the payroll documents.

Although Sonya is suing Romeo, she was careful to say that she didn’t blame him and that it was likely he was simply being used by his father.