Heads Up: 6 openly racist politicians who need to get destroyed in the upcoming midterm elections

One of these candidates is having a "deportation bus tour."

Openly racist politicians are nothing new: Strom Thurmond spent some 70 years in various offices as an avowed opponent of the Civil Rights movement before depriving us of his company at age 100 (because true evil gets old and spends a lifetime hiding a half Black daughter).

But something feels different now – it’s as if the tiki-torch whites have found their patron saint in Donald Trump and are willing to be far more egregious in their bigotry than they did during the Obama Administration.

One thing many racist white men seeking public office have in common: they thank Trump for the “progress” he’s making. There are numerous black-hearted bastards vying for (or already collecting) tax dollars as a salary in 2018 – here are just six that need the cancel button pushed on them as soon as possible. It’s for the sake of humanity.

5Arthur Jones
U.S. House of Representatives Candidate (Illinois-3rd District)

You have to be a special breed of raw sewage to get disowned by the Republican Party for being too racist. Alas, this clown is probably the closest thing to Hitler incarnate running for office right now. Jones is a former Neo-Nazi spokesman who has been Sieg Heil-ing since bellbottoms were in style. The 70-year-old has been running for offices longer than I’ve been alive, and he won the Illinois GOP Congressional Primary despite public condemnation from Illinois Republicans who publicly disowned him and called him a Nazi. Here’s hoping a dude who said the Holocaust is “the biggest, blackest lie in history” does us all a favor and joins Hitler before ever getting near any real legislation.