Dustin Seibert

Dustin Seibert interviewed several DJs to get their take on whether or not they still get the crowd moving with R. Kelly in this #MuteRKelly era.
Writer Dustin Seibert hopes the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series will help Black men be more accountable when it comes to consent, sex, and just believing Black women.
Writer Dustin Seibert got some sobering news from his doctor recently and it forced him to get serious about self-care. Here are his six tips for fellas.

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Now that Kevin Hart is officially out as the host of the Oscars this year, here is a list of Hollywood celebs who the Academy might consider, for better or for worse.
In a surprise to exactly zero people, Lena Dunham has once again stirred up controversary with her latest admission that she lied to discredit a woman who accused a Girls writer of rape.
Bryan Edward Hill's conversations with people who have been ideologically trained to hate him, served as the basis for his new racially-charged comic book, American Carnage.

Writer Dustin Seibert does not believe that Carolina Panther Eric Reid being drug tested five times across eight games is a matter of chance. Agree?
Writer Dustin Seibert writes about how the shooting death of Jemel Roberson, a legally armed Black man doing his job, underscores a deep fear of Black men.
Rumors are swirling that Hillary Clinton will run for president again in 2020 and writer Dustin Seibert is not for it. Agree with his reasons?
Well, it’s that time of year again for scary movie marathons on AMC, debating the merits of candy corn (there are none) and stupid white people stupid-ing with inappropriate costumes. Every year, I hope we move the needle closer...
Writer Dustin Seibert has had more than enough of what he calls the Uncle Ruckus-like antics from sports journalist Jason Whitlock.
Writer Dustin Seibert is fed up with #CornerstoreCarolines and #ApartmentAmys of the world making it difficult and dangerous to be a Black man in America.
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Lena Waithe and Halle Berry are executive producing a Boomerang reboot as a series for BET. It is about time these other seven Black classic films get a reboot too.
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