Dustin Seibert

Thank goodness we live an in era where all these hilarious Ls white folks catch are caught on camera and will live forever online. Here are just a few of the latest white people fails.
Donald Glover bringing his special brand of Blackness to the Star Wars series has writer Dustin Seibert thinking about the Blackest moments/characters in the 41-year history of Star Wars. Here are five of them.
Writer Dustin Seibert thinks the NFL's ban on kneeling should be all the Black community needs to finally and truly boycott the NFL. He provides six ways to do just that.
Writer Dustin Seibert has a few ideas for President Barack Obama and Forever First Lady Michelle Obama now that they have a fancy new deal with Netflix. Do you think any of these could be hit shows?
Find out why writer Dustin Seibert thinks everyday racists caught on camera are finally getting their comeuppance. Between evictions and being fired, people are feeling the burn.
One thing many racist white men seeking public office have in common: they thank Trump for the “progress” he’s making. There are numerous black-hearted weasels vying for (or already collecting) tax dollars as a salary in 2018 – here are just six that need the cancel button pushed on them as soon as possible.
Writer Dustin Seibert does not understand why Black folks are concerned about the royal wedding this weekend between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Here are five reasons he offered up as to why you should just say no to caring about that mess.
Writer Dustin Seibert explains why the season 2 finale of 'Atlanta' tops off a glorious week for Donald Glover with his host/musical guest appearance on SNL and his "This is America" video that turned into a viral sensation.
With all these stories about students being reprimanded for celebrating on graduation stages, writer Dustin Seibert decided to stick up for your all your folks expressing their #blackjoy.
This writer is skeptical of Donald Trump and his band of side-worthy Black people wanting to host some kind of summit on race and invite Colin Kaepernick. Smells fishy.
Find out why writer Dustin Seibert is ordering an engraved invitation to the cookout on expensive stock for Michael Avenatti, attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels who has ongoing legal drama with Donald Trump.
Writer Dustin Seibert thinks it is mighty fishy how all these Black people who deal with the Kardashians end up taking Ls. Maybe Black folks should stay away from the Kardashian/Jenner clan?
On this hallowed Star Wars Day, writer Dustin Seibert explains why Donald Glover is the perfect person to pull off Lando in the upcoming Star Wars movie.
Writer Dustin Seibert tries to wrap his head around how dark Season 2 of Atlanta has gotten. Read his recap of the latest episode that takes viewers back to Earn's middle school days.
Writer Dustin Seibert is tired of of these weak theories from Bill Cosby apologists, especially now that the Cos has been found guilty in a court of law. Here's his guide to smacking down the bs.
Earn’s well-intended-yet-tragic managerial decisions had to catch up with him at some point in 'Atlanta' series. “North of the Border” is the episode for it.
If 'Atlanta' is the Blackest sitcom currently on television, comedian W. Kamau Bell’s CNN show 'United Shades of America' is the Blackest documentary series.
'Black Panther' is the single best-reviewed comic book film ever. For Black folks, it wasn’t “did you see the film?” It was “how many times did you see it?”
Now that rapper Meek Mill is out of prison, writer Dustin Seibert has s few words of advice for the Philly native as he tries to hold to his freedom for the the long haul.
Don't fall for Kanye's seeds of “wisdom” he's been spreading upon the masses.