Dustin Seibert

Writer Dustin Seibert wants to know why Molly is so awful at decision-making on Insecure. Here, he explores that and few other things from the last episode.
Writer Dustin Seibert takes you through the latest antics from Issa and her crew from last night's 'Insecure.' All the 30-somethings will relate.
Writer Dustin Seibert says these five WTF moments from The Bobby Brown Story prove that it was every bit as entertaining, if not more so, than The New Edition Story. Agree?

Writer Dustin Seibert breaks down the moments from the latest Insecure that would never fly in real life.
Michael Jackson would have been 60 years old today. To commemorate the day, writer Dustin Seibert has compiled his list of the King of Pop's best video moments.
"It’s Obama’s business whom he chooses to eulogize, but here are a few reasons why I might sit out the McCain memorial if I were him." - Dustin Seibert, writer

As with many episodes of Insecure, this one was full of valuable lessons. Here are the four of the biggest ones, according to writer Dustin Seibert.
Like any work of art, 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' has its flaws, but writer Dustin Seibert explains why it's still important.
Episode two of this season's Insecure, “Familiar-Like,” will probably go down as the last (Issa Rae)-and-Daniel (Y’Lan Noel)-only episode.

The highly anticipated season 3 premiere of Insecure has aired. Here are five reasons why Issa walking through Daniel’s threshold to live is an awful idea.
Writer Dustin Seibert offers up a few racist/bigoted trashbag politicians that we should all avoid like the herpes simplex virus in the midterm elections. Make sure you tell your friends.
Season 5 of Power has been all over the place, but writer Dustin Seibert thinks the acting debut of Kendrick Lamar just saved the day.
Writer Dustin Seibert wonders why the arrest of Nia Wilson's suspected murderer looks like it was followed up by dessert and drinks while cops tackle Black kids for no reason.
Not since the “great” Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry feud have I wanted to see two obnoxious celebrities both lose in a beef against each other as I do this ongoing madness with 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather.
Why did Nick Cannon decide to jump into the beef between Kevin Hart and Mike Epps? The world may never know, but writer Dustin Seibert gives the hilarious play-by-play.
It’s any given day in any given month in any given year, which can only mean one thing – white people white-people-ing.
Donald Trump Jr murdered the word 'lit' on Twitter the other day (RIP) and here are just a few other examples of white folks Columbusing our stuff and forcing us to enjoy the next thing before they get their hands on it.
The funniest of Eddie Murphy’s 40-plus movies, Coming to America hit theaters 30 years ago and here are the six best scenes.
50 Cent's crass, ignorant comments about Terry Crews' sexual assault is unfortunately the way a lot of people think about male sexual assault victims.
Don’t let that cherubic Garbage Pail Kids face fool you: Kim Jong-un is a straight gangsta. Or maybe he just has the easiest target ever in Donald Trump.