Dustin Seibert

Why did Nick Cannon decide to jump into the beef between Kevin Hart and Mike Epps? The world may never know, but writer Dustin Seibert gives the hilarious play-by-play.
It’s any given day in any given month in any given year, which can only mean one thing – white people white-people-ing.
Donald Trump Jr murdered the word 'lit' on Twitter the other day (RIP) and here are just a few other examples of white folks Columbusing our stuff and forcing us to enjoy the next thing before they get their hands on it.
The funniest of Eddie Murphy’s 40-plus movies, Coming to America hit theaters 30 years ago and here are the six best scenes.
50 Cent's crass, ignorant comments about Terry Crews' sexual assault is unfortunately the way a lot of people think about male sexual assault victims.
Don’t let that cherubic Garbage Pail Kids face fool you: Kim Jong-un is a straight gangsta. Or maybe he just has the easiest target ever in Donald Trump.
Writer Dustin Seibert breaks down why even though Trump is making it rain with pardons, folks still need to be weary of his pandering tactics.
Since Kim Kardashian managed to convince Trump to free a woman serving a life sentence, writer Dustin Seibert figured she could do us all a solid too.
Writer Dustin Seibert (a tatted up Black dude from Detroit) is a Sex and the City super fan. Surprise! In honor of the 20th anniversary of the HBO series, Dustin offers 11 reflections from his interesting vantage point.
As the rap battle between Pusha T and Drake heats up with release of Pusha T's brutal "Story of Adidon," writer Dustin Seibert provides a full timeline of the beef between these two that has actually been brewing for years.
Thank goodness we live an in era where all these hilarious Ls white folks catch are caught on camera and will live forever online. Here are just a few of the latest white people fails.
Donald Glover bringing his special brand of Blackness to the Star Wars series has writer Dustin Seibert thinking about the Blackest moments/characters in the 41-year history of Star Wars. Here are five of them.
Writer Dustin Seibert thinks the NFL's ban on kneeling should be all the Black community needs to finally and truly boycott the NFL. He provides six ways to do just that.
Writer Dustin Seibert has a few ideas for President Barack Obama and Forever First Lady Michelle Obama now that they have a fancy new deal with Netflix. Do you think any of these could be hit shows?
Find out why writer Dustin Seibert thinks everyday racists caught on camera are finally getting their comeuppance. Between evictions and being fired, people are feeling the burn.
One thing many racist white men seeking public office have in common: they thank Trump for the “progress” he’s making. There are numerous black-hearted weasels vying for (or already collecting) tax dollars as a salary in 2018 – here are just six that need the cancel button pushed on them as soon as possible.
Writer Dustin Seibert does not understand why Black folks are concerned about the royal wedding this weekend between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Here are five reasons he offered up as to why you should just say no to caring about that mess.
Writer Dustin Seibert explains why the season 2 finale of 'Atlanta' tops off a glorious week for Donald Glover with his host/musical guest appearance on SNL and his "This is America" video that turned into a viral sensation.
With all these stories about students being reprimanded for celebrating on graduation stages, writer Dustin Seibert decided to stick up for your all your folks expressing their #blackjoy.
This writer is skeptical of Donald Trump and his band of side-worthy Black people wanting to host some kind of summit on race and invite Colin Kaepernick. Smells fishy.