Black woman brutally assaulted by white couple at little league event fights more injustice when son is banned from team

Katrina Ross was attacked by white couple at little league event
Los Angeles Times

A mother of two is still haunted a year after a white couple brutally beat and attacked her in Los Angeles. The woman said she suffered from a concussion from the vicious assault now has memory loss.

Katrina Ross can’t find a reason why a white woman and man would beat her down without cause and says she did nothing to antagonize them after she attended a charity event for the Del Rey American Little League, reports the LA Times.

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Instead she said the two confronted her as she tried to leave the event on April 29, around midnight.

Ross said the husband and wife duo started beating, choking and kicking her repeatedly. She said she was brutalized so badly that she started bleeding from her head and face. And during the attack they screamed racial slurs. She said she does not know the couple and they attack was“unprovoked.”

“How much hate do you have in your heart?” she asked wiping away tears, during a press conference in downtown Los Angeles.

Attorneys Britany Engelman and Rodney Diggs, who are representing Ross, sad the league failed to provide security at the event. They are pressing the LAPD to present a case to the Los Angeles County district attorney. They also say they have witnesses who can corroborate Ross’ claims and they want an immediate arrest of the offenders. She says the woman is the parent of a child who plays in the league with her son.

According to Ross’ attorney, a police report of the incident says that she was “punched and kicked” and suffered “visible injuries” but made no mention of the attack being a hate crime.

To add insult to her injuries, the Del Rey American Little League is punishing Ross by suspending her 9-year-old son from playing any games because of the incident. The league said he could perhaps play if Ross would not attend any of the season’s games. Instead she chose to pull her son from the team.

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“I’m not going to let him play in a league that has no respect for who he is,” Ross said Wednesday.

The league tried to pull a fast one on Ross and asked her and her husband instead to meet with the couple who beat up Ross in an effort to resolve the issue.

“This was a crime. They are volunteer parents. They are not going to decide what happens here,” she said.