Reagan Gomez had time to clap back at Black man questioning Issa Rae’s exploration of toxic masculinity in new ‘Insecure’ season and it didn’t go well for him

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MARCH 07: Issa Rae attends ‘LinkedIn Hosts a panel discussion with Issa Rae and Chelsea Handler’ at The Art of Elysium Center on March 7, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)


After Issa Rae announced that she’s stirring up a storyline in Season 3 of Insecure around toxic masculinity, some Black folks have apparently expressed their dismay online—but actress Reagan Gomez wasn’t having it.

Insecure, which returns for a third season on HBO on August 12. And the show’s star and creator Issa Rae recently told The Hollywood Reporter that while she doesn’t want to give anything away the show will deal with Black masculinity.

“But I love Black masculinity as it relates to Black women. I think that’s something interesting that we haven’t gotten a chance to explore yet — and specifically toxic male Black masculinity as it relates to Black women. I’m trying to find a way to explore that and get a rounded storyline that isn’t preachy.”

Sounds exciting to us! But when some folks decided to air their concerns about the Issa Rae’s right to explore whatever she wants on her own damn show, some folks wanted to grab the mic.

And that’s when Reagan Gomez, formerly of the 90s sitcom The Parent ‘Hood took to Twitter to defend Rae’s right to explore the Black experience any which way she fits fit. For Rae that means calling out the traditional stereotypes of Black men that sometime get in the way of them having healthy relationships with Black women and therefore become “toxic” to their lifestyles and the culture.

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Twitter user @CurtisScoon tried to come for Rae saying:

“Issa Rae teases Season 3 “Insecure” will be about black masculinity. A topic I bet she thinks she’s an expert on. My guess is she’ll follow the trend of other prominent black women producers/directors/writers in filmmaking and promote some sort of fuckery about black men.”

Gomez cleared her throat and cracked her knuckles before taking to the keyboard to clap all the way back writing:

“Her show runner is a black man & the writing staff has black men writers. If ya’ll put HALF the effort into googling as you do into being loud & wrong the world would be a better place,” Gomez tweeted.

“I thought ya’ll were team Lawrence? Loved that he had options. Ya’ll loved that season 1 finale but now that they might discuss toxic masculinity, ya’ll think it’s about the Black woman agenda?? Which is it?

“Nothing about the show suggests that the men are horrible. They really aren’t. From Lawrence to Daniel to the banger (always with his daughter, teaching her her ABB’s). Well, Lawrence’s lightskinned honie is kinda horrible but…they’re all tryna figure it out. So why…

“…would toxic masculinity be off limits? Take Lawrence, he immediately went from Issa, to Tasha, to Aparna. Takes all of his baggage with him in each relationship. When he has that threesome with those random white women who I SWORE were gonna rob him & was OPENLY…

“…fetishized, he felt like shit but had to lie to his homie (the light skinned one) about how dope it was…while sitting outside of Issa’s house. We can see him fuckin & cussin Issa out but can’t go into toxic masculinity? Please.”

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And it’s clearly Reagan Gomez for the win today!

We can’t wait to see how the men at-large receive the topical episode once it airs.