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Drake - I'm Upset

Drake is back but in the most nostalgically peculiar way.

The rapper has hooked up with his old Degrassi homies for his new video “I’m Upset.” If you listen to his lyrics closely, Drake is actually pulling a fast one to keep us distracted and infatuated with the TV reunion.

Drake opens his video on the floor of the Air Canada Centre in a bed. He then hooks up with Shane Kippel, who played his onscreen best friend Spinner on Degrassi: The Next Generation, reports Vulture.

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While there are quite a few cameos by Drake’s former Degrassi co-stars like Stacey Farber, Adamo Ruggiero, Lauren Collins, the man of the moment is definitely dropping some real truth bombs in his lyrics about just why he’s upset – and it sounds like it has much to do about that alleged baby mama drama.

When Pusha T dropped his scathing diss track “The Story of Adinon” fans were floored by the lethal lyrics he spit accusing Drake of hiding a secret son and being a deadbeat dad.

In “I’m Upset,” Drake is alluding to the fact that he might have been the victim of blackmail. Peep this:

I’m upset/ Fifty thousand on my head, it’s disrespect
So offended that I had to double check
I’mma always take the money over sex
That’s why they need me out the way/ What you expect?

We know that artists often use their real life situations to give insight into their lives so is Drake alluding to the fact that someone asked for money – $50,000 to be exact – to keep things hush hush? Recently comedian Kevin Hart was blackmailed in an extortion attempt to keep a sex tape under wraps, but instead he just came clean. We have yet to hear from Drake about his alleged son, but the lyrics perhaps tell us a little more.

Got a lot of blood and it’s cold
They keep tryna get me for my soul
Thankful for the women that I know
Can’t go 50-50 with no ho

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That last line could be a straight dig to Sophie Brussaux, the porn star Pusha T referred to in the song as being the mother of Drake’s baby. The French porn star was photographed with Drake in Amsterdam in 2017, and she chronicled her pregnancy on social media, but made no mention of Drake.

So, is Drake saying he’s not trying to cough up  child support by giving up 50/50 of his stash?

Keep reading.

Every month, I’m supposed to pay her bills
And get her what she want
I still got like seven years of doin’ what I want
My dad still got child support from 1991.

Say what, Drake? Your fly juke joint, zoot-suit wearing daddy still out here paying child support  and didn’t teach you that perhaps you should be too!

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Well it remains to be seen if Drake is using a real-life situation as art.

Check out the video which includes other former co-stars including Jake Epstein, Christina Schmidt, Andrea Lewis, Melissa McIntyre, LinLyn Lue, Stefan Brogen, Ephraim Ellis, Jake Goldsbie, Marc Donato, Dalmar Abuzeid, A.J. Saudin, Miriam McDonald, Cassie Steele, Nina Dobrev, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer, and Paula Brancati. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith.