#PermitPatty takes another loss as community organizes fundraiser for Black girl she called police about for selling water

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The woman dubbed as #PermitPatty is on the receiving end of payback and the park where the other petty lady #BBQBecky called the police on black folks will serve as the location for a fundraiser for the little girl Patty called the police on.

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Just call it karma all around because former TreatWell Health CEO Alison Ettel (aka “Permit Patty”), worked at a dispensary that sold cannabis to cats, dogs and humans. But now other cannabis dispensaries in the Bay area are throwing a fundraiser for the 8-year-old girl who was selling water but had the police called on her by petty #PermitPatty. Some of those dispensaries carry products of where Ettel used to work.

When you do dirt… karma!

The companies, The Apothecarium and Magnolia are already in the giving mode and have raised $8,000 for Jordan Rodgers, reportsThe Blast. And that money, reportedly came from TreatWell products, Permit Patty’s old place of employment.

The fundraiser was reportedly organized by Galen Pallas, CEO and founder of Kind Culture, along withJordan’s mother Erin Austin.

The fundraiser will take place July 14 at Lake Merritt park, BBQ Becky’s old stomping ground.

A viral video set the internet on fire starring Ettel now called #PermitPatty, cowardly calling the police on a little girl who was selling—wait for it—bottles of water to fund a trip to Disneyland.

“BBQ Becky” made news after calling the cops on black people grilling in that Oakland park that is now the location of the fundraiser for Jordan.

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Ettel was forced to resign as CEO of her cannabis company after public outrage.

Jordan still gets to sell her water—this time with the help of Kind Culture. They will provide refreshments and fully stock Jordan with water at the fundraiser so she can walk away a happy kid with a load of cash. All proceeds and donations will go to her education fund.

“Jordan and our entire family are so excited about the outpouring of support we’ve received from the local cannabis community and the public at large,” said Erin Austin, Jordan’s mother.

She added, “All my daughter wanted was to sell water and have the experience of being an entrepreneur. We are looking forward to her having the opportunity to sell water to the whole community and are grateful to everyone who is making a contribution to her educational fund.”