We’re not sure of the identity of the Black man who balled so hard at the gym during a basketball game that someone called the cops on him, but he is surely now a local legend.

Earlier this week, Twitter user @_togs provided Black Twitter with something to talk about when he disclosed that he just saw something for the first time in his life at an LA Fitness gym in Virginia: a white guy called the cops on a Black man for fouling him during a pick-up basketball game.

Yes, police were called because of a basketball foul.

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Ball So Hard

The Twitter user explained that the tall man in the blue shorts is the one who was allegedly balling too hard that day. The man to the left of the police officer in the photo is the one who called the cops.

Apparently, the white guy announced that he was calling the cops after he was fouled by the Black dude on the basketball court. Everyone thought he was joking until they saw him march up to the front desk and guess what? The front desk clerk ACTUALLY called the police. Even more amazing is that the police ACTUALLY showed up to the scene.

Fortunately, the situation did not escalate and officers quickly assessed that they need not be there. Upon leaving out, the officer even joked that it was the first time he had been called to the scene of a basketball foul.

According to the incident report (yep, someone had to spend minutes of their life doing paperwork for this), both parties admitted to fouling each other and agreed to essentially “play nice” at the gym.

It’s a relief that the ordeal was resolved in an amicable manner, but still there are some questions. Why would anyone think to call the cops on someone for a foul? It’s not assault, it’s a game. Why did the front desk clerk call the cops instead of de-escalating the situation himself? Why on EARTH did the police respond to this inane call?

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Humor Elixir

We may never know the answers to those questions, but we do at least have a treasure trove of Twitter reactions to help laugh away the pain of these tired and distressing #LivingWhileBlack stories.