Flossing on 5-0: 911 call leads to dance off with Black kid

A call to the police doesn't necessarily always lead to a #livingwhileblack incident.

L.A. Sheriffs Deputy Vic Ekanem takes on a kid in a dance off.

These days, there’s no shortage stories of police being called on black people doing seemingly routine, mundane things ranging from mowing lawns to sitting in cars to selling water to relaxing at a pool.

But recently in Palmdale, Calif., though, an accidental 911 call led to something completely different – a dance-off between a Los Angeles County sheriffs deputy and a young kid.

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L.A. County officials posted video of the showdown between Deputy Vic Ekanem and the young boy that was recorded by Ekanem’s partner. The cop and the unidentified kid hit a few dance moves and in the end the boy hit “the Floss” and emerged victorious.

Ekanem and his partner initially responded to the home after an accidental 911 call was made and when they arrived, they noticed the kids seemed timid around the deputies.

The deputies took some time to make sure everything was good and put the kids at ease, which eventually led to the dance challenge where the officer got served.

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The deputies are part of the Department’s S.H.A.R.E program – which stands for Stop Hate and Respect Everyone. The program was launched in 2008 and focuses on helping youth who are transitioning from grade school to high school and may end up with the wrong groups of people.

That didn’t stop the department from giving Ekanem a little grief for taking that L to the kid.

“Not making any excuses for our Deputy,” the L.A. County Sheriff’s said in a posting on Facebook, “but it was very hot that day and that flashlight kinda threw off his balance.”

Check out the video below:

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