Fox News anchor Sean Hannity to interview Roseanne Barr

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It’s the dumpster fire that keeps on burning, and Fox News is fanning the flames, giving Roseanne Barr her first TV interview since her ABC show was cancelled following her racist online tirade against a former Obama staffer.

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Sean Hannity will host the interview Thursday at 9 p.m. on “Hannity” and boasted that it would be a “big deal” but failed to disclose any other details about the upcoming sit-down.

Fox News reports that the interview will include, of course, Barr’s bizarre outbursts that caused her hit ABC sitcom to be cancelled after she referred to Valerie Jarrett as an “ape.”

She is expected to discuss with Hannity her affection for President Donald Trump and while Fox News reports that some of the show will be live, a taped portion will also air Friday on Hannity’s show, making it a two-day circus, Variety reports.

It will be interesting to see if Barr’s Hannity interview will turn out just as loopy as her recent YouTube clip released last week. Barr is seen puffing heavily on a cigarette while she tests out her mic and fidgets with her hair. A producer is then heard in the background trying to give her pointers:

“Imagine you are giving a presidential address and you’re busted after killing a hooker and they say, tonight, the President is going to give his address. The camera fades out and it’s the president giving his address in the Oval office,” directs the producer.

Confused? So are we…and so was Barr.

After a few more inappropriate references to describe the producer’s preferred format, a visibly frustrated Barr, screams back that she is trying to talk about the Iran deal and Valerie Jarrett because that’s what her tweet was about.

Then out of nowhere, here she goes again.

“I though the bitch was white!” screams Barr as she glares into the camera. “God damn it! I thought the bitch was white.”

Clearly Barr is off the rails and she’s probably really going to be upset now that ABC is moving on without her.

USA Today reports that ABC announced premiere dates for its fall TV slate, including an Oct.16 launch for “The Conners,” the reconfigured sitcom that will return minus Roseanne Barr.

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