Barack Obama and Joe Biden grabbing lunch at DC cafe is the cutest video on internet today

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Our favorite besties Barack Obama and Joe Biden were out and about in Washington DC, yesterday and grabbed a bite at Georgetown’s Dog Tag Bakery, stunning social media because they reunited and it made us feel so good.

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Wouldn’t you agree that we truly needed a boost from the dynamic duo of Obama and Biden to lift our spirits because this administration has us feeling nothing but doom and gloom?

The bakery posted a pic to their social media account boasting that the bros came in for lunch at the non-profit eatery that specializes in giving vets an opportunity to work and earn a living.


“Look who stopped by @DogTagBakery for lunch today! Thank you @BarackObama and @JoeBiden for supporting our mission of empowering veterans with service-connected disabilities, military spouses, and military caregivers! #BakingADifference #veterans #milspouses #caregivers”

The bakery also posted video clips of Obama and Biden ordering from their menu and the two didn’t disappoint. And Biden in his usual slip of the tongue, don’t-give-a-damn-what-I-say way, had us all in stitches.

Biden’s order is up and as a plate is handed to him with a sandwich, Obama steps up and asks him what he’s having.

“Hold on, hold on, what’d you get here?” Obama asks.

“I got one of these whatever the hell they’re called,” Biden responds.

“Whatever the hell they’re called?” Obama asks Biden. Now, Obama knows Uncle Joe doesn’t have a filter.

Biden then confirms that his sandwich is an old-school ham and cheese ensemble.

Obama says, “Yeah, that looks pretty good, I think I’ve gotta have one of these, too.”

“Give the boss one of those, too,” Biden orders.

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Of course their unexpected visit circulated quickly on social media. Obama and Biden were seen taking selfies and Obama even stopped to do a Yoga pose with a patron.

Dog Tag Inc. CEO Meghan Ogilvie told the Washingtonian that the visit was “was a total surprise” and “honestly everyone freaked out.”

But what we really want to know is what action plan were the two really hatching to save the world from the Trump administration.

We’ll wait.