Tennessee white woman punches police then tries to run during DUI arrest and, bless her heart, she’s still alive

Dana Vela, a white woman from Tennessee, is accused of punching an officer in the face before yelling racial slurs at him during a Memphis traffic stop. (Courtesy of CORDOVA police dept.)

A white woman from Tennessee physically and verbally lashed out yelling racial slurs at a police officer while being arrested for allegedly attacking another driver while also spewing racist sentiments. And, she lived to talk about it.

According to WREG-TV, Dana Vela was driving recklessly on Sunday when she slammed into another vehicle at an intersection.

The other driver involved in the incident told responding officers that after the accident the 33-year-old Vela got out of her car and attacked him. Police in Cordova, Tennessee confirmed she was “visibly hysterical” and smelled of alcohol when they arrived.

After she was arrested, Vela somehow managed to escape her handcuffs, then tried to leave the patrol car as well. When her attempts to flee were thwarted, she attacked officers as they attempted to restrain her again.

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In the scuffle that ensued, Vela punched one officer using the metal handcuffs and that’s when she began  shouting racial slurs and profanity at him. The officer in question suffered an eye injury and also injured his lower back.

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When Vela was finally subdued, she was placed back in the vehicle. She has now been charged with assault, disorderly conduct, resisting official detention, driving under the influence, violation of financial law, public intoxication and reckless driving.

And after all that, no one ever thought to shoot her.

Must be nice.