#ReadingWhileBlack: Woman attacked by man hurling racial slurs


Angela Jefferson was peacefully reading a book while listening to music, when a white man went on the attack and threw a metal chair at her outside of a Los Angeles grocery store.

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According to Raw Story, a bystander caught the man’s violent tirade on video as he targeted Jefferson and started harassing her while screaming racial slurs and swinging a metal bar at her.

“He had like a pipe or something or stick and he was hitting it on the tables and he tried to hit me with it, but I dodged it,” Jefferson told CBS News. “He was calling me the N-Word … he was calling me the B-Word.”

Jefferson asked the deranged man to stop, but he continued his attack and picked up a metal chair and hurled it at her.

Another bystander stepped in and tried to get the man to stop but he continued to hurl racial slurs. The police were called and witnesses said the man was drunk. The man left before police could make an arrest.

Dulcinea Circelli watched and recorded the ordeal.

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“So I came out here and saw that he had broken a chair and was trying to hit this woman in the head and saying the N-Word, and at that point, I started recording,” Circelli said.

“It was just so scary, and just the fact that he was expecting the security guard to back him up when he was armed and attacking two people with metal rods,” Circelli said.

“I’m outraged about that and I don’t feel safe personally with him out there,” Circelli added.

And apparently Black people can’t do anything these days without someone trying to tell them they can’t.

Another outrageous situation has surfaced and once again a white woman confronted a Black man at a pool and demanded he leave while questioning his right to be there.

Shayne Holland said he pays $1,600 a month as a renter at the River Crossing Apartments and he’s outraged after being interrogated relentlessly by an off-duty police officer on July 6 about sitting unbothered at the community pool, reports IndyChannel.

Holland said he had lived at the apartments for 17 months and believes he was racially profiled and that’s why he was asked to leave.


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