Black Glam: Stylist and Fashion Entrepreneur Ariana Soleil on how she’s creating her own lane in fashion

Ariana Soleil Johnny Wright black glam
Ariana Soleil and Johnny Wright

Pull up a seat next to theGrio’s style correspondent 
Johnny Wright for the latest episode of Black Glam where he takes us inside the world of celebrity styling and shares stories from the folks who beautify the biggest Black stars in the industry.

Stylist and fashion entrepreneur Ariana Soleil is the featured guest on the newest episode.  You’ve seen Ariana and Johnny together before on the informative and hilarious episodes of Fashion Cafe, the go-to resource for all the latest fashion finds and trends. For Black Glam, Johnny wants to make sure viewers get to know a little more about his Fashion Cafe co-star.

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Ariana, a Washington D.C. native who now lives in Los Angeles, shares her career goals and motivations with Johnny.

“There are so many other cool things that people don’t even think about with fashion. Like how I tied the fashion to a comedy series, mixing fashion and comedy together. That’s the gap I’m trying to bridge,” she says.

Ariana has a YouTube series called Extra that ties together her bubbly personality and her incredible fashion sense. She doesn’t just stop there though. She’s also a wardrobe stylist and she’s working on creating a personal shopper subscription service.

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“I’m always thinking outside of the box. I’m always bringing my client something they never would have tried on their own,” she says when asked about how she selects items for her clients.

Ariana also has a few words of advice for those trying to breaking into the stylist world.

“The first thing I would recommend is to intern. If you can intern or be an assistant stylist, that’s your segue into the game because you have to have relationships to get clothes for your clients,” says Ariana.

Watch the entire episode to find out what other advice she gives for aspiring stylists and how she is positioning herself in the fashion industry going forward.