Matt Barnes levels child endangerment charges agains ex Gloria Govan

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The melodrama between reality TV star Gloria Govan, and her estranged husband Matt Barnes took a turn for the worst after the basketball player won a restraining order against his ex-wife after she was arrested for child endangerment.

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Barnes, a retired NBA player was set to pick up their children — 9-year-old twins Carter and Isaiah — from school, per their custody agreement. However, when Govan arrived early and put the kids in her car, he claims all hell broke loose.

The “Basketball Wives” star allegedly used her SUV as a “deadly weapon” therefore endangering the kids when Barnes tried to pull them out, the NY Daily News reports. He claimed, that Govan put the car in reverse and hit the gas which caused one of her sons who was exiting the vehicle, to hit his head.

In the filing, Barnes claimed that Govan continued to reverse even after the child exited the vehicle, causing a door to slam on his shoulder.

Barnes then said Govan tried to hit him with the vehicle and headed toward him “at an excessively high rate of speed through the school parking lot” to block his exit.

“I could not do anything except sit in the car, trying to calm the boys who were terrified, screaming hysterically and crying,” Barnes wrote.

Govan was arrested and released on $100,000 bail on Saturday, September 1.

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Now Govan must stay 100 yards away from Barnes and their twin 9-year-old sons except during a single, four-hour visit each week supervised by a professional monitor, the restraining order signed by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge states.

Govan’s lawyer Mark Gross disagrees with the order.

“This is a classic example of a family law litigant attempting to use a Domestic Violence Prevention Act as a ‘sword’ instead of a ‘shield,’” Gross wrote in his opposition paperwork.