“Why U So Mad, Tammy?” Wale joins chorus of Black Twitter in clap back on Tomi Lahren

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PASADENA, CA - JULY 29: Tomi Lahren at 'Chelsea Handler in Conversation with Tomi Lahren' panel during Politicon at Pasadena Convention Center on July 29, 2017 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon)


Fox News’ resident parrot Tomi Lahren opened herself up to the wrath of Black Twitter when she foolishly tweeted that Michelle Obama should “sit down.”

Among those piling on the infamous political commentator is rapper Wale. The Washington, D.C. based MC has a bit of a history with clapping back at Tammy…errr, Tomi. In 2017, he even name-dropped (albeit the wrong name) the conservative talking head on his song “Smile” Peep the song and lyrics below:

The alt-rights hate us

Some back baby mommas hate us

We only learn half of the drama, other side crazy

On behalf of Charlamagne I’m sure he ain’t trading sides

Maybe I should meet Tammy Lahren, I’ll Lauryn Hill her

Trainor, she miseducated anyway

Prolly hate the color of my face

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Earlier this year, Lahren decided to attack Jay-Z for daring to criticize Trump:

Wale checked in again, pointing out that Lahren, who has admitted to benefiting from  ObamaCare, which she claims to hate, had just been caught on Twitter rapping along to 21 Savage.

“Tammy he isn’t the president,” He tweeted. “Also weren’t you just “rapping” 21 Savage??? Go and sit down my friend.”

So when Lahren  piped in to tell Michelle Obama to do the same, Wale was there with a quickness to pose one simple question.

That is a good question? Why is she so mad?

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Whatever the case, whenever “Tammy” akaa Tomi peeks her head out of the shadows, it seems Wale and Black Twitter are right there to gather her up.