Houston teacher fired for racist comments caught on camera

Tiffany Scott insists that she wasn't the one that initiated the explosive confrontation that went viral

A Houston-based teacher was handed her pink slip after she fired off a racist rant at Hispanic couple following a fender bender

Tiffany Scott thegrio.com
(Photo by Chris Hondros/Newsmakers)

A Houston teacher was handed her pink slip after she fired off a racist rant at Hispanic couple following a fender bender.

Tiffany Scott, 27, told the Houston Chronicle that she was involved in a minor vehicle accident with Jose Sanchez said his fiancée, Kimberly Lopez on Tuesday.

In the 20-second video obtained by the Houston Chronicle, Scott can be heard yelling racially insensitive remarks at the couple. But she tells the publication that her fury stemmed from them making derogatory comments to her, which Sanchez and Lopez deny.

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According to the report, Scott, a former teacher at KIPP Voyage in Houston, tells the couple that they “swam here with the rest of your family.” She also rants about being a teacher who had to “teach their dumb asses.”

Scott has since apologized for the comments.

“They asked me if I swam from Africa to Houston,” Scott told the Chronicle. “My intentions was never to bring any other race down, so I want to go ahead and apologize for that.”

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She was arrested on an assault charge because Scott slapped the cellphone out of the hand of the woman who was filming her, a spokesperson from the Houston Police Department confirmed to Newsweek.

Daniel Caesar, regional superintendent of KIPP Texas Public Schools, Houston, released a statement following Scott’s termination.

“We immediately made the decision to terminate the employee. She no longer works for KIPP Texas Public Schools. We acknowledge the many social media supporters who shared their concerns,” the statement read. “We value each and every student and family that is a part of the KIPP network, and we do not tolerate discriminatory remarks of any kind. KIPP Texas Public Schools is committed to taking swift action in situations such as these, and we remain committed to our mission of preparing our students for choice-filled lives as they continue on the path to and through college.”