Michelle Obama looks becoming on the cover of Essence magazine

Michelle Obama Essence magazine Dec 2018/Jan 2019 cover thegrio.com
Essence magazine Dec 2018/Jan 2019 cover

Michelle Obama is looking absolutely gorgeous, styled in a white suit giving us serious Olivia Pope vibes, as the icon handles her business and graces the December/January cover of Essence magazine.

The beloved former first lady opens up about her reign in the White House with her husband Barack Obama and how the two survived his challenging two terms while keeping their marriage intact and their daughters grounded.

“From our very first conversations, he showed me that he wasn’t afraid to express his fears and doubts, or that he might not have all the answers,” Obama told ESSENCE. “Just as important, I saw who he was not only in the way he treated me but in the way he interacted with others outside of our relationship. He showed me that he respected women by the way he treated his mother, his sisters, and his grandmother.”

Michelle Obama begins arena tour in talk with Oprah

Obama said her husband brought his A-game to the table when they were dating.

“These were all things I learned long before we were married. It was all on display when we dated: he was consistent, he was honest, he was respectful, and he was secure in himself and secure in us. He hasn’t been perfect, but those things have never wavered.”

Obama Signs Books with Ellen

Obama is out and about promoting her memoir Becoming, which of course is already a New York Times bestseller. She also did a little book signing with Ellen DeGeneres who brought her hijinks to Costco along with the first lady.

Obama played along as she surprised fans and signed copies of her New York Times bestselling memoir Becoming, PEOPLE reports.

“Oh look, it’s the first time I’ve seen my book in a store!” Obama excitedly said as the two made their way crisscrossing through the aisles of the retail store. Obama will appear in an upcoming Ellen Show segment as she promotes the book amid her sell-out tour stops.

“We have Michelle Obama!” DeGeneres shouts into a megaphone. “Michelle Obama! She’ll be signing books!”

DeGeneres gets the crowd worked up too as they applaud the former first lady. She then belts out an impromptu tune for Obama.

Michelle Obama signs books at Costco as Ellen DeGeneres serenades her

“Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama wrote a book,” she sings. “She mentions Oprah [Winfrey] several times and me only once!”

DeGeneres adds, “Michelle wrote a book mentioning Oprah too many times, but me only once. One time she mentions me but only once!”

DeGeneres is all about fun and Obama such a good sport for going along with the talk show host’s crazy antics.