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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 07: Kanye West attends the Ralph Lauren fashion show during New York Fashion Week at Bethesda Terrace on September 7, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Kanye West is feeling the Twitter love this weekend.

After he donated $150,000 to the family of Jemel Roberson, the Black security guard who was fatally shot by Illinois police in a tragic case of mistaken identity, Twitter let the controversial rapper know he was back in good graces.

“Kanye West stepped up in a big way for Jemel Roberson’s family this week, just as he was memorialized Friday as a hero,” tweeted V103 Chicago.

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“sincerely this was a really beautiful thing of Kanye to do. There is still so much good in him,” wrote @KyleGalaga.

“That’s the Kanye West we know!” exclaimed @YallKnowWhat.

“@kanyewest thank you for the kindness and the donation you made to the late, Jemel Roberson. He’s from Wicker Park, Chicago. My hood. #Respect #Love,” wrote @TonyDynomite.

“I was disgusted by what I seen happened to Jemel Roberson, God bless him and his family. And God bless Kanye West. He is my new favorite celebrity,” wrote @LoriAnnBerti1.

Jemel Roberson was reportedly working security at Manny’s Blue Room on an early Sunday morning when a drunk gunman opened fire inside. Roberson fired back and was able to pin down the shooter and was awaiting officers to cart him off to jail. Instead, when Midlothian police arrived, and even after witnesses confirmed that Roberson was a security officer, a cop fatally shot him anyway.

Roberson had been working extra shifts at Manny’s Blue Room Bar to purchase toys for his 9-month-old son’s first Christmas, according to an earlier article in The Grio. Chicago church leaders are now demanding that police fire the white Midlothian police officer who shot and killed Roberson. Police have not named the killer although Lee Merritt, an attorney representing the mother of Roberson’s nine-month-old son, said he knows the identity of the cop and will release the name if police will not.

Merritt accuses the Illinois State Police and Midlothian Police Department of protecting the officer by refusing to release his name to the public, thus giving the cop a chance to “hide evidence.”

“They refused to release Amber Guyger’s name, which gave her a chance to scrub the Internet and hide evidence,” Merrit tells USA Today, referring to the white Texas police officer who shot a Black man inside his home earlier this year. “It’s exactly what’s going on here.”

Ye was moved by the tragedy and appears to have responded in kind through a series of 10 Go Fund Me donations of $15,000, totaling $150,000.

West’s kind gesture appears to have rekindled a lot of social media love for him. This is a far cry from just last month when West visited President Trump in the White House in a bizarre and wildly ranging press op where he addressed topics ranging from MAGA to black people’s reliance on welfare and the Democratic Party.

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Earlier this month, Kanye put his political backing on a Democratic mayoral challenger in Chicago. Ye made a total $126,460 contribution to Amara Enyia’s campaign and even stumped for her at a campaign stop. His most recent donation of $150,000 to Roberson’s family now has many once again singing his praises.

Question, Grio fam: Has Ye earned back your respect and admiration? Is he welcome to come to Thanksgiving dinner?