Duane Martin, the estranged husband of Tisha Campbell-Martin, is accused of hiding money for multiple sources for years—even as the couple declared bankruptcy, according to TMZ.

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Bankruptcy officials claim he hid money from several different sources, including a loan obtained from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith during the Martins’ bankruptcy filing in January 2016, TMZ wrote. Further, the entertainment news website obtained documents that show Martin earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from a clothing store and a real estate investment, but failed to disclose the information in bankruptcy documentation.

Officials learned of the alleged scam after Campbell-Martin filed for divorce in February and discovered her estranged husband had “concealed” and “diverted valuable assets” in their bankruptcy case.

Specifically, the documents allege that Duane used a $1.4 million loan he got from his friends, Will and Jada, through their company to buy a home and he planned to sell it later for a million dollar profit “with the intention of pocketing the sales,” according to TMZ.

While officials haven’t accused the Smiths of any wrongdoing, Martin may not be as lucky. Officials allege the loan was part of a larger “sham” by Martin, TMZ wrote.

Officials are allegedly asking for Martin’s discharge of debts—which was initially granted in the bankruptcy case— to now be revoked, and instead for him to turn over any cash he’s been hiding.

TMZ reported that Campbell-Martin also wants money from Duane, claiming in June divorce documents that he hid money from her during their marriage.

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Sources close to Campbell-Martin told TMZ that she attempted to persuade Martin to be truthful about any hidden income. In the end, she had to reveal her findings to “avoid jail and be there for their two children,” the report said.

TMZ reached out to Martin for comment but has not heard back.