Bank surprises 30-year old, single mom by paying off her $150K student loan bill

Jasmin Ford is a 30-year-old nurse and single mother with around $150,000 in student loan debt which was forgiven by Fifth Third Bank.

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A single mother from Chicago received the surprise of a lifetime just in time for Christmas.

According to Yahoo, Wednesday, Jasmin Ford was stunned to find out that that Fifth Third Bank had decided to pay off all of her student loans.

“I still can’t find the words,” Ford told Good Morning America on Thursday. “I’m off work again today and I’m just sort of pacing around and restless because I know my life is going to change.”

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Ford received her bachelor’s degree in 2011, making her the first in her family to graduate from college. After returning to school three years later, she became a nurse. In 2015, Ford received her Master’s degree.

While she always made her education a priority, due to a lack of financial assistance, she had to take out student loans in order to cover not just her tuition, but also basic needs like food and rent.

“I could not foresee when I’d be able to pay it off,” Ford said of the financial bind she found herself in. “I just knew this was going to be a part of my life as long as I was alive unless there was some significant change, which — wow.”

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Ford works nearly every day of the week at two jobs in order to make ends meet. But thanks to the generous gift from the bank, the 30-year-old plans to spend more time with her loved ones, especially her son, Caleb, who will turn 2 in February.

“I just imagine being able to spend more time physically with my family, not having to hustle, having mental freedom and with that, some spiritual freedom,” she said. “I can open myself to more experiences, opportunities and just be able to sit and be with my thoughts and be able to pursue what it is I came to do.”

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