Homophobic man who cracked a woman’s spine on subway train arrested



The man who violently attacked two women on a subway train in Queens, cracking the spine of one, has been arrested after he fled the scene following the brutal attack.

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The homophobic man, Allssheed Allah, went on a hateful anti-gay rant against a 20-year-old woman, leaving her with a broken spine, The Grio previously reported.

The victim said she and a friend shared a friendly kiss while taking a Snapchat pic, and it pissed off the E train straphanger as that rode through Queens.

“That’s when the guy across from us started screaming slurs at us … I guess the kiss triggered him,” recounted the woman, who did not want to be identified.

The man threatened the two saying: “Don’t do that gay s— in front of me! Do that one more time and watch what happens!”

The two women then tried to exit away from the man but once they stood up to find a new seat, Allah went on the attack, the NY Daily News reports.

“I knew he was going to hit me,” the college student continued Thursday. “He punched me in the back. I turned around and before I could even defend myself …. he threw me back. My head hit the pole and my back hit the ground.”

Allah was arrested Wednesday night and charged with aggravated harassment and assault as a hate crime, according to the outlet.

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He now faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

“Queens County is the most diverse county in the nation. It is home to many races, nationalities and sexual orientations,” said Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown. “Crimes motivated by bias — particularly those involving violence — will never be tolerated in this county.”

Allah was held on $150,000 bail at arraignment a Queens Criminal Court judge ordered Thursday night.

Allah reportedly confessed to the crime when arrested by the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force.

“I stood up and told her kiss her again you d–e (expletive) and watch what happens,” he allegedly told authorities. “I pushed the girl, she turned around and then she fell.”

The victim reportedly suffered a C7 vertebrae fracture near the base of the neck, along with torn ligaments in both elbows from her violent landing, according to reports.

“I cried a lot the first week,” she said. “It really got to me. You never think these things will happen to you … I’m like, ‘That would never happen to me because I’m too careful.’”

The victim now says she’s thankful that the suspect is in custody.

“I’m relieved that he’s off the street,” she said. “I’m still kind of scared, but I hope I don’t change the type of person I am.

“Bad things happen, but good things happen all the time. Hopefully I can move on from it.”