‘Overjoyed’ Jemele Hill ends rollercoaster year with a ring on it

The journalist whose name has been among the most talked about among African Americans in 2018 finishes the year winning

Jemele Hill on Stephen Colbert
(Stephen Colbert)

Jemele Hill, the outspoken, former ESPN host who jumped jobs this year after a controversy will also be jumping the broom after she announced her engagement on Instagram, Page Six reports.

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On bended knee, Hill’s boyfriend Ian Wallace popped the question. She wrote:

“I’ve called this my year of transition. I left a job, started a new job, moved to a new city and now … I’m engaged to the love of my life. I’m overjoyed and immensely blessed,” she wrote.


Hill also shared her marital message on Twitter, teasing:

“So, uh, some personal news to share … I’m engaged.”

Hill shared an Instagram story about the whirlwind day she had with Wallace who took her on a helicopter ride above Los Angeles before asking for her hand in marriage.

Hill who’s had a year of very public highs and lows including a split from her hosting gig at ESPN after a series of incidents in which she bumped heads with network brass over her criticisms of President Trump.

The Daily Mail noted that on “On September 11, 2017, Hill came under fire for calling Trump a ‘white supremacist’ and ‘unqualified and unfit’ to be a president, as well as a ‘bigot.’”

She also defended athletes’ right to take a knee in protest of police misconduct. Her remarks about Trump prompted the White House to call for her firing and motivated ESPN to suspend her for two weeks.

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Hill later rebounded and landed a gig covering sports for The Atlantic, moving to Los Angeles to take the job.

Also, after leaving ESPN, Hill landed an exciting opportunity as the voice of LeBron James’ Shut Up and Dribble Showtime documentary.

Earlier this year, the National Association of Black Journalists named Hill its “2018 NABJ Journalist of the Year,” commending her for “using her platform to address national, social and cultural issues, in addition to sports.”