CASTING NEWS: Guess who Phylicia Rashad will play on ‘This Is Us’

It’s hard to imagine that NBC’s hit show, This Is Us could get any better when it comes to talent but it looks like another incredible actor will be joining the cast. Phylicia Rashad has signed on to portray Carol, Beth Pearson’s mother and we can’t wait to see what she’s bringing to the table.

Considering what a strong force Susan Kelechi Watson is on the screen, we expect nothing but excellence when these two talented women share scenes. Add in the potential interactions between Rashad’s character and Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) and you get automatic small-screen magic.

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According to EW, Phylicia Rashad will join the cast during the second half of the third season and play an important role in revealing Beth’s backstory.

Phylicia Rashad has been staying super busy lately. Last year, she reprised her role as Mary Anne Creed in Creed 2 and has a recurring role as Diana Dubois on Empire. She’s also working on the upcoming OWN dramaseries, David Makes Man.

Breathe easy, y’all…Susan Kelechi Watson says Beth Pearson to stay on ‘This Is Us’

Fans of the show are anxious to learn more about Beth Pearson’s life before Randall and this casting news lets us know there’s lots of interesting info about our favorite character on the way. It’s a big relief considering the paralyzing fear we all had while wondering if the mysterious and ill-fated “her” was Beth.

Fortunately, Susan Kelechi Watson shut down speculation that her character was being killed off. “It’s really always cool as an actor to have a character that people want to see the best for,” she told Glamour. “To know that people are behind her, to know that people are rocking with her and get her.”

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She also revealed that she and Randall Pearson are in it for the long haul, despite some marital discord.

“I feel like she’s going to start a community project that’s based on one of her artistic passions. She also has a background in dance, which you’ll see this season,” she said ahead of the Season 3 premiere. “And still together with Randall of course. I don’t think he’s going anywhere.”

This Is Us returns Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.