Tommy Sotomayor
Tommy Sotomayor (YouTube)

Controversial social and political commentator and YouTube personality Tommy Sotomayor allegedly tried to shame a Hooters waitress who asked him if he supported Donald Trump because of the MAGA hat he was sporting, The Daily Mail reports.

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Sotomayor has been criticized many times for videos he makes that his detractors say are unfair, degrading and disparaging toward black women. The waitress, who is black, was apparently curious about Sotomayor’s sporting the hat, when she asked the question, but it opened up a contentious exchange that went viral.

“Y’all see that young lady right there? Excuse me ma’m, what’s your name so we can know?” Sotomayor, who bills himself the “King of Controversy” asked the woman after she posed the question.

“Shay,” she replies.

“Hi Shay, say hello,” he says, with the camera pointed in her face.

“No!” she shoot back, turning away.

“That’s Shay,” Sotomayor continues.

“Let me tell y’all what happened with Shay. Now Shay is a waitress for Hooters. Shay walked up to me, saw my hat, and said “Are you a Trump supporter?” while on her job.”

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“So this is what I was trying to tell y’all about how, for some reason, our women act like being professional just ain’t nothing they gotta do,” he continued.

“Cause I don’t care what kind of hat I had on, if you are servicing the people would you then look at a person and say “Do you support Trump?”‘

“And then, when I said “yes” she…” he continues.

A man with his group chimes in: “That is f****d up. And you’re spending money here.”

“She saw my hat, and the hat was offensive,” Sotomayor continued.

“Hah, triggered,” says a man in his party.

The woman asked for Sotomayor to keep her out of the video, but Sotomayor continued.

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“We have to deal with black folks acting like this,” he says. “She gonna sit here and talk to me and take her off my damn camera.’”

“Yeah, take me off your camera,” she repeats.

“Well I’m still filming and I’m not taking it off so you can call the police,” he continues.

Continuing to use his camera to taunt the woman, Sotomayor says she should have “left me alone” He brings other patrons of the restaurant into the video, both men and women, all of whom join him in agreement with his complaint against the waitress, saying he should not have been bothered because of his hat.

“So what I’m going to do is, if she brings the manager, I’m going to let the manager know my hat caused your employee so much problem, she became a b***h,” he continues.

“I wasn’t going to go out of my way to be a d**k, but now I’m going to let the manager know exactly what’s going on.”

Sotomayor then finds the manager, who remained off camera then asks him to “do me a huge favor”.

“You have an individual who’s a waitress here, who got upset at me – not because I said anything. You know what she got mad about?” he then points to his MAGA hat.

“Are you s******g me?” the manager asks.

“She started talking crap to me and my table because of a freakin’ hat,” Sotomayor said.

The exchange continues with the manager asking Shay “Why you making fun of the hat?”

The woman tried to defend herself saying she only asked him if he was a Trump supporter and nothing more.

“No, you made it an issue,” Sotomayor said.

“Look at how she’s being disrespectful,” he says to the manager.

The manager then shares that he’s a “big Trump supporter.”

“I’ll pull her aside and have a little talk with her,” he continues. “She’s actually a sweetheart, I’ve never had a problem with her. But I guess we hit a sticking point with her – as we normally do,” the manager said.

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Sotomayor has since tried to use his platform to demand that Hooters address the issue and offer something.


Sotomayor’s incident has come under fire for its toxicity and a petition was started on to ask that the YouTube video be removed because he is using his platform to “purposely denigrate and demean Black women and girls and Black people in general.”

“He is an irresponsible malicious, perpetrator of misogynistic and racist hatred and spreads negative and degrading messages, imagery, views and stereotypes about black women on a daily, regular and consistent basis,” the petition reads.