Cobb County Police
(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, police have pointed to a 26-year-old mother  in a child abuse incident in Cobb County, Georgia. Melina Rebecca Whyte was arrested after allegedly punching, lifting and throwing her baby down onto a garage floor.

Whyte is being charged with two counts each of aggravated assault with intent to murder, aggravated battery, first-degree cruelty to children and second-degree cruelty to children.

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The arrest warrant, obtained by AJC alleges that Whyte said that not only did she squeez and twist her 1-year-old son, but that she was going to kill the baby at a Marietta home. Apparently the incident that left the toddler with a skull fracture, a contusion, a hematoma, and two lacerations to his liver, happened in front of Whyte’s other child, age 7.

The current condition of the 1-year-old has not been released. Whyte has been in Cobb County jail since Friday, without bond.

Unfortunately, this is not the only child abuse case in Georgia this week.

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According to WALB News, two women have been arrested for an altercation that led to a child being burned by hot cooking grease in southern Georgia.

The Valdosta police charged Latrice Spikes, 24, of Florida with reckless driving and aggravated assault. Dominique Solo, 22, of Valdosta is being charged with simple battery.

According to Police, the fight started when Spikes tried to run Solo over with her car. Solo then retaliated by attempting to throw hot cooking grease on Spikes, which instead hit the child in the vehicle.

The condition of the child has not been released by officials.

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“That’s nonsense,” said neighbor, Nathaniel Ghent. “You have a child involved in some kind of commotion like that. If you’re going to do anything like that, don’t bring no kids around. It’s dangerous enough.”

Hopefully, both children involved in each incident will have speedy recoveries from their injuries.