Mom who had baby ripped from arms in video, gets NYC Council apology

Led by the speaker of the New York City Council, Jazmine Headley received an apology for her ordeal in December that traumatized her and her child

Jazmine Headley
New York City mother, Jazmine Headley was arrested and had her 1-year-old was ripped out of her arms by NYPD. (Photo courtesy of Headley Family.

The Brooklyn mother whose baby was ripped from her arms in a viral video shot at a public assistance office received a public apology Monday from the New York City Council, The New York Times reported.

After Jazmine Headley offered emotional testimony to council members recounting a harrowing experience in which authorities grabbed her 1-year-old son from her arms at the assistance office, where she waited to learn why her benefits had been cut off, New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson offered an impassioned apology. Headley, who had taken the day off from work to resolve her benefits situation, was arrested and had to spend four nights at the city jail facility on Riker’s Island before charges were dropped.

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“I want to say I’m sorry — I’m sorry on behalf of the city of New York,” Johnson told Headley, who sat across from him in the City Council meeting room.

“I’m sorry that you had to go to that HRA center,” Johnson said, referring to the city Human Resources Administration office where the incident took place. “I’m sorry that you and your baby had to experience that trauma. I’m sorry that you were wrongfully kept on Riker’s Island for multiple days away from your family.

“You deserved so much more than you received and I am deeply, deeply apologetic that you had to have this experience and I am similarly deeply, deeply grateful for you wanting to be here today, for you wanting to tell your story, for you wanting to insure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

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Other council members also apologized to Headley, with the episode ending with a standing ovation.

The altercation took place on Dec. 7 and erupted after a security guard told Headley to move from the spot on the floor where she waited because seats were taken. Headley did not like the guard’s tone and refused. Security guards called police and chaos erupted after a guard grabbed Headley’s arm. Initially, authorities said Headley was blocking a fire zone but an investigation later determined this was not the case.