Actor Terry Crews has been seen as a voice of reason when it comes to social justice issues, but his seeming defense of fellow actor Liam Neeson disappointed many of his followers, including rapper Wale.

According to XXL, Wednesday, Crews shared his opinions of the controversial remarks Neeson made during an interview with the Independent. During the ill-fated sit down, the actor was discussing the concept of revenge, and decided to share an anecdote about his reaction after finding out his friend had been raped in which he angrily sought out a “black b*stard” to kill.

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While most people were shocked and disturbed by the admission, Crews took to social media to give a different perspective writing, “I believe that every person on earth is capable of the greatest good, or unspeakable evil. Liam is just describing his fork in the road.”

But that didn’t sit well with everyone. Rapper Wale made his opposition known:

But that started an exchange between the two men who drew a line in the sand.

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When followers inquired why Crews would defend Neeson, he lamented, “This is why reading comprehension is so necessary in school,” adding. “I never defended Liam Neeson. Still don’t.”

Another member of Black Hollywood who seems to be showing compassion to Neeson is Whoopi Goldberg. During Wednesday’s taping of her show The View she said, fans shouldn’t be ‘surprised’ by her friend’s desire to attack after hearing that his loved one had been raped.

‘People walk around sometimes with rage, that’s what happens. Is he a bigot? No.” she asserted. ‘I’ve known him a pretty long time, I think I would have recognized, I’ve been around a lot of real bigots. I can say this man is not one.”

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