Wendy Williams, on leave, reportedly worried Nick Cannon could replace her

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Wendy Williams, who is on leave from her day time show in order to recuperate from symptoms of Grave’s Disease, is reportedly worried that Nick Cannon could replace her permanently, according to Page Six.

And according to other reports, the gossip diva loved by many, hated by others for the shade she dishes out, may have reason to be concerned.

Several staff members have told the Daily Mail that it’s probably time for Williams to step away from the show and some have asked that Cannon, one of a string of replacements who have stood in for Williams since she last appeared on-air in December, take over permanently.

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The unidentified staff members say Williams has not been “authentic” with her fans or employees and say she actually took time to deal with her husband, Kevin Hunter, who is reported to be embroiled in an extra-marital affair.

One staffer allegedly told the Daily Mail, “How can she discuss hot topics when the biggest topic involves her husband publicly cheating on her for years?”

The staffer reportedly also said, “It’s really sad as you’d think that Wendy would have more respect for herself and she would stand up, dump her cheating husband, take control of her business and empower women who are going through the same thing.”

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The same staffer said show distributor Debmar-Mercury needs to bring in Cannon or Jerry O’Connell, another celebrity who has subbed for Wendy in her absence.

Another unidentified source told Page Six that the situation is critical.

“She’s super scared and anxious,” the source told the news organization. “Watching Nick Cannon being a huge hit with her audience is tough for her. They’re already starting to mess with the format. It’s like watching them screw around with her baby.”

The Daily Mail reported in 2017 that Hunter has been in a multi-year affair with masseuse Sharina Hudson and some reports suggested Hudson is now pregnant.

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In January, the show announced that Williams had been hospitalized due to her Grave’s disease. In December, she fractured her shoulder and appeared on the show wearing a sling.

The Page Six source said, “She’s in no state to get back on TV anytime soon.”