Instagram Fail: Los Angeles Charger Jahleel Addae, his fiancée and their friends toast to having more ‘light-skinned kids’

More proof that colorism is alive and well in the NFL

Los Angeles Charger Jahleel Addae is under fire for an IG post where he's seen toasting to having light-skinned children with his white fiancee.

Jahleel Addae
Los Angeles Charger Jahleel Addae and his fiancée Lindsey Nelson are accused of toasting to the brilliance of having light-skinned babies on Instagram. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Some might argue that within the Black community many are plagued with a racially-charged mental illness named colorism. This mental illness seems to be rooted in the self-hatred, and denigrates Black people with darker complexion. This sickness not only affects how people choose their mates, but how they treat their own children. Colorism finds its origins in America in slavery and has created a culture that believes lighter skinned Black people are more beautiful.

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With that said… Los Angeles Charger Jahleel Addae and his fiancée Lindsey Nelson are under fire for posting a video on Instagram where they toasted to having light-skinned children, a sentiment that perpetuates the sickness of colorism.

The interracial couple shared a video of them sitting at a table with other Black males and their white girlfriends and toasting to “more light-skinned kids.”

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Twitter @4realPisces reacted to the clip by noting: “It behooves me that cotton mouth insecure/threatened caucasian women act as if they found the Holy Grail in their “black men”…that Black women would NEVER want to be with anyway…”

Many agreed with user @_blackaida who said: “To the wife of #JahleelAddae ….you can have him… matter of fact… take every last carbon copy of him withcha out that door”

Some went to Twitter to remind Addae that the statement could be perceived as a backhanded slap to the women in his life, devaluing the children that they may have brought into the world because they are not of mixed race.

Others petitioned Charlamagne Tha God to talk to his friend about what appears to be either self-loathing or white-worshipping.

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One aspect that was not lost on Black twitter was the social justice element of this conversation, reminding him that even mixed children are subjected to racism.

Grio fam, what do you make of Black males and their non-Black wives/girlfriends promoting the erasure of authentic Black children by “celebrating” the advancement of mixed race babies?