Kristoff St. John’s ex-wife opens up about her last conversation with the late soap star

Mia St. John spoke about what Kristoff St. John told her just hours before he was found dead and expressed the grief both of them continued to experience after the death of their son


The ex-wife of Kristoff St. John opened up about the last moments she spoke with the beloved soap star, hours before he was found dead in his San Fernando Valley home earlier this month.

Mia St. John told Entertainment Tonight that her ex-husband called her earlier that day and said things that caused her to be concerned.

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“He called me at 11 a.m. and the first thing he said was, “Mia, thank God you answered,”‘ said his ex-wife. “He was just so depressed. He was drinking and just saying, like, nonsense – that he didn’t want to be here anymore.”

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In 2014, the daytime soap star and his ex-wife suffered a personal tragedy when their son Julian committed suicide on Nov. 23. St. John struggled over the years with the loss and was said to have blamed himself. The parents believed that the treatment center their son was admitted to contributed to his death and filed a lawsuit.

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The Young and the Restless actor was open about his own battles with depression following the death of his son and in 2017 Entertainment Weekly reported that the star had taken a leave of absence from his show to deal with his own mental health issues.

Mia said during her last call with St. John, he started talking about their late son.

“He said, “Julian is at the door I gotta get the door,”‘ said Mia.

“[He] said, ‘Okay, let’s talk to Julian, bring Julian in.’ Julian came in and he said, ‘Julian is gonna take me for a walk now’ and I said, ‘No you aren’t going for a walk right now.’ ”

Mia said she never spoke to St. John after that but said he sent her a final text message.

“Understand, you’ve got to live in the present observe all the good things in your life and others around you,” it read.

“Julian would not want you to live your life with bitterness and upset, it eats away with you and drains your life slowly but surely. You must rise to the occasion and accept the beauty around you. I believe in you.”

Mia took to social media after her ex-husband’s passing sharing an emotional post linking his death to Julian’s.

She wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “THAT HOSPITAL KILLED OUR SON @TheArtofJulian THEN MY HUSBAND @kristoffstjohn1. THATS WHAT HAPPENED! THEY KILLED MY FAMILY”

Mia said the pain of losing St. John has ignited the hurt of losing her son. “When Julian passed, he died of a broken heart.”

“These mental health issues are real. Kristoff suffered from bipolar, our son had schizophrenia and I just felt like it was so hard for people to pay attention.”

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She added: “That was the only thing. When he told me that Julian came to the door and I knew that my son came and took him home. And that was my only comfort.”