‘Tag, you’re it!’: Man attacks woman with metal barrier during bizarre game

In what was a game at least in the mind of an attacker, a woman in New York was struck with a large metal object with no explanation

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Police in New York have identified a what could possibly be dangerous new game that they hope does not catch on.

According to New York news website Gothamist, police have spent weeks searching for, a seemingly deranged man who dragged a heavy metal barrier across a Manhattan street, picked it up, and then smacked an unsuspecting woman with it, in what he thought of as a bizarre game.

“Why you do that?” the stunned victim asked the menacing man after he struck her in the back the morning of Jan. 20.

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“Tag, you’re it!” he replied and then walked off.

The assailant in the assault, which took place in New York’s East Village, hit his 26-year-old victim with a crowd control gate known as a “French barrier” which is used to hold in crowds at parades and public gatherings. Although the woman was bruised and suffered a deep gash, she refused medical treatment. The assailant ran off and has not been seen.

Tuesday authorities released surveillance footage that shows the suspect dragging the barrier across the street before randomly picking someone to approach.

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“They didn’t know each other, but for some reason he chose to hit her,” an unnamed police source told the Daily News.

According to NBC New York, the NYPD has made no arrests in the case and the two people do not know each other. Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

The suspect is described as Black, 5-foot-5 and approximately 140 pounds. He was last seen wearing a black track suit top with white stripes, a gray hoodie, gray sweatpants and black sneakers. Authorities assure the public that all calls will be kept confidential.

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